Under the Cover of Darkness

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And that's just it: sometime over the break, the sound the Strokes made in their first act became iconic, their tightly-wound jangle and Al Hammond Jr. So if "Under Cover of Darkness" doesn't exactly feel like a revelation, it's a damn good Strokes song. And after five years of uncomfortable silence and not-quite-there solo projects , that's more than enough.

That slippery little guitar lick under the verses, the ease with which the song tumbles into its soaring chorus, Julian's just-woke-up vocal; the song's a blast, and by the time it swings into its second chorus, Casablancas is wide awake, cracking jokes. For a band who shouldered plenty of style-over-substance jabs the first time around, they know one thing: eventually, any good style is due for a revival.

Skip to content Search query All Results. So long my adversary and friend. Don't go that way. I'm tired of all your friends, Knocking down your door. Get up in the morning, yelling no more, So long, my friend and adversary. I'm waiting for you.

In Their ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ Video, The Strokes Get Classy

Plus Julian said it was a cheesy love song about a guy who joins the army and them going through all that. In addition to that Julian also did a couple of side projects. The problem with your interpretation is that Julian Casablancas didn't write this song On this album a lot of other band members wrote the songs; Julian Casablancas recorded his parts separate from the rest of them a lot so the rest of the band would have a bigger part in it. Flag momoloco on March 11, This song is great.

Under Cover of Darkness, a song by The Strokes on Spotify

Reminds me of the Is This It album. You think the "Everybody's been singing the same song ten years" line is a reference to the Is This It album?

It's in reference to "Last Nite". If you watch the video, he throws the microphone like he did in Last Nite. Flag pocomoto on June 10, Song Meaning People are saying it's about the fight between the band but I think it's about war.

I mean, he explicitly sings "I'm joining the army" and then he's asking someone to wait for him. And I think the lyrics are: And I'm tired of all your friends Enlisting at your door And I won't, I better call you Also Julian pretends he's shooting a gun in the music video. Then "And they sacrifice their lives In their land of all closed eyes" is pretty explicit aswell.

Js Flag SistaAngle11 on April 20, General Comment I guess it's about someone who works in the military and has a girlfriend.

Under cover of darkness

It's cheesy, I guess, but it's about having to leave a loved one behind. Flag SistaAngle11 on April 20, General Comment The song displays great frustration and longing. It's wonderful.

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Nice job with the lyrics! I heard the lyrics a little differently Perfectly captures the tension the Strokes must have felt after the completion of FIOE and they all split up for their own solo projects Flag Gershwin on February 09, I heard it the same way, Gershwin. I'm pretty positive that yours are right. Flag withbutterflywings on March 07, General Comment Great song. Actually, yeah, I think it's just a coincidence Flag whatdoesthismean on May 02, General Comment Super helpful.

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No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Slip back out of whack at your best It's a nightmare So I'm joining the army Know how folks back out, I still call Will you wait for me now? We got the righteous advice to use it Got everything if you can just choose it I won't just be a puppet on a string Don't go that way I'll wait for you And I'm tired of all your friends Listening at your door And I won't, I better call you So long my friend and adversary But I will call you Get dressed jump out of bed and do it best Are you ok?

I've been all around this town Everybody's singing the same song for ten years I'll wait for you Will you wait for me too? Correct sir Flag amateur on March 04, General Comment This song is great. The sound is as good as any other Strokes song, which by the way are all amazing. The guitar is as brilliant and catchy as it was five years ago, something I'm very glad about.

The far-reaching effects of sleep loss

This song is obviously, as said before, based on where the band has been these last few years. I can't wait for the rest of the album.

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (Official Music Video)

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