Two True Gangster Stories

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The botched assassination convinced Eto to testify against his former partners and enter the Witness Protection Program. He died in Georgia, where he was living under an assumed name, at age Tommaso Buscetta Born in Sicily in , Buscetta began working for the Italian Mafia as a teenager; he later moved to the United States and developed ties to the Gambino crime family.

Famous Gangster Informants in US History

In , after two failed attempts to seek refuge in Brazil, Buscetta was arrested and sent back to Italy to serve time for a prior murder conviction. Repulsed by a bloody gang war within the Sicilian Mafia, he became an informant, helping authorities make key arrests on both sides of the Atlantic and exposing corrupt Italian politicians. Worth many millions at the time of his arrest, he was sentenced to 70 years in prison.

He soon turned informant, naming dozens of Mafia accomplices and corrupt New York police officers in exchange for a year sentence. Mermelstein agreed to inform on his associates and entered the Witness Protection Program along with 16 of his extended family members. Henry Hill Born in Brooklyn in , Hill was involved with the Lucchese crime family from a young age. Kennedy International Airport and a much larger robbery from the Lufthansa terminal in Arrested for drug trafficking in , Hill became convinced that several of his former associates had a hit out on him and decided to come clean, divulging information that led to 50 convictions.

He entered the Witness Protection Program but was ejected in the early s for continuing to commit crimes.

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While technically a mystery film at the core, it goes gangster by the end. The grandiose score from Ennio Morricone provides an extra bang.

TRUE GANGSTER STORIES (Part 2) | CANNI primal screaming

In his directorial debut, he spins a gripping coming-of-age story that delves into the depths of family and race. Though honest and brutal, the film has a heavy heart and sound sense of morality. De Niro captures the time and place—the Bronx of the s—spot on.

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City of God City of God is, at times, not easy to watch because of its honest portrayal of gang life in Rio De Janiero, where the killers and victims are kids and teenagers. Similar to Goodfellas in story, as an outsider makes his way into the world of crime, the Brazilian film moves urgently and gets a beautiful visual treatment from director Fernando Mierelles.

Two True Gangster Stories

Once Upon a Time in America In the wake of the first two Godfather films, Sergio Leone showed boldness to attempt a gangster film of this scale and magnitude, but the boldness paid off. In a full-circle plot of crossings and complications, the smart elick of a movie takes us on an ultra-violent and ultra-funny ride with John Travolta at his best and Samuel L. They create a film that looks and feels like a gangster classic.

But they also infill it with all the beloved trademarks that make them who they are: stylized cinematography, dark humor, clever dialogue and quirky characters, including John Turturro in a spectacular performance as the unpredictable and cowardly Bernie.

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The main character, played wonderfully by Harvey Keitel, could very well be Scorsese himself, an Italian-American caught in the middle of two lives: crime and religion. Anchored by prevailing performances from Al Pacino and Robert De Niro , the follow-up carries on the mafia saga and explores the parallels between father and son. The performances, the characters, the narrative, the scope, the setting, the score—everything comes to the screen so, well, epically.

Share Tweet Submit Pin. Here are the top 25 gangster films of the last 40 years: Tags casino city of god francis ford coppola gangster films goodfellas martin scorsese mean streets miller's crossing pulp fiction the godfather.

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