Sustaining APEX: Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Mission to Transform Higher Education

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APEX is a fast track development programme to enable institutions of higher education to be recognised as world class entities. The programme aims to facilitate the university selected to be on an international level and also to motivate and help raise the level of excellence in higher education. As a result of this initiative, the Ministry of Higher Education requested all local public and private institutions to submit their proposals for consideration to be selected as an APEX University, with the prestigious APEX status being awarded to the successful one. USM's mission in implementing the APEX program is to become a pioneering university, trans-disciplinary and research-intensive university that empowers future talents and enables the bottom billions to transform their socioeconomic well-being.

The USM Happiness Index continues to provide the campus community with the 'feel good' factor at this globally preferred university. Fourth International Conference on Environmental Education,. Available from. The Bonn Declaration. Professional Development in Pre-service Teacher Education. Sustainability in the Key Professions: Accounting. The WPAY covers fifteen youth priority areas and contains proposals for action in each.

Development of a multi-factor set of country-level ICT human. ICT4D 2. Transformative learning. Education for sustainable development in higher education: the experience of Gulf universities. Retrieved 20 July from www. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 10 July from www.

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This partnership supports MESA, creating a mechanism and supportive environment for universities to respond to environment, sustainable development and climate change challenges in Africa. Over the years, MESA has registered unprecedented success. This working draft includes contributions from various members of the education section and consolidation. Towards effective environmental education in Ethiopia: problems and prospects in responding to the environment—poverty challenge. International Journal of Educational Development : vol. An investigation of the poverty-environmental degradation nexus: a case study of Katonga Basin in Uganda.

Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences , vol. Handbook of Economics of Education , vol. Economics of Education Review , vol. The economics of adaptation to extreme weather events in developing countries. Perspectives on higher education for sustainable development: transformation for sustainability 1 See www. More information on the 3-Lensus project is available at www. Only 10 per cent of its academic experts are from Latin America and Africa.

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development , vol. ESD can be a strand or component of a sustainable development initiative. Available from www.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was selected to implement the Accelerated

European Journal of diagnosing, treating and preventing dental diseases Ford et Dental Education, Vol. Clearly, in these examples, research-active lecturers Goodall, A. Should top universities be led by top have to be a major part of the effecting factors.

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Research-led researchers and are they? A citation analysis. Journal teaching has also been linked to the inducement of creativity of Documentation, Vol. In Graham, J. English language proficiency and the short, research-led teaching by research-active academics is prediction of academic success. | Sustainability | Sustainable Development

To quote from Pauline 21 3 , Ford et al. Hren, D. Johns, A. Necessary English: a faculty survey. Within the context of a local university, undergraduate science Keller, C.

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Journal characterised by the presence of research-dynamic lecturers of Educational Media, Vol. ICT users, understand student limitations, and strict on rules Ting, S. Influence of faculty-student engagement. The criterion of research-led of language proficiency, age and gender on academic teaching must also be emphasised as necessary in creating a performance. Proceedings of Conference on Language favourable academic environment. A sure way of ameliorating true academia is for university management to exercise wisdom in staff recruitment and Verran, J.

Encouraging creativity and employability support.

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In recruitment, candidates with PhD qualification, skills in undergraduate microbiologists. Trends in with good research and publication, and passionate in Microbiology, Vol. In staff Vujaklija, A. Apparently, such university toward science? Cohort study and nonrandomized environment can only be realised by a university leadership trial in a single medical school.

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Journal of Investigative that excels in research and publication. Studies by Goodall Medicine, Vol. In this context higher education encompasses all in basic and applied research had been neglected and also does not consider the need of the country. Type of institutions No. There are various factors contributing to Specialised college 10 Private university 5 the deterioration of research, among others, lack of research and institutions funding, research policy, lack of academic freedom and poor Private institutions 2 Private college and 35 English language. Khartoum CBS, There are no major differences 1.

Increase student intake at all institutions and reform between disciplines offered by public and that of new private admission policy from elite students to all.

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The institutions. It may be said that private institutions are based number of students in public institutions increased on profit rather than addressing the needs of the country. Geographical distribution of universities in different number of students enrolled in HEIs. Open chances for private higher education institutions Due to that, the percentage of female enrolled for higher and relate educational programmes with the local education in relation to male jumped from 16 per cent in environment and the needs of society. Abolish student boarding and subsistence schemes.

Encourage all students studying abroad to continue made higher education accessible for all regardless of socio- their studies at Sudanese institutions. Accessible higher education 6. Use Arabic language as the language of instruction has been made possible by the opening of non-conventional and research. But lack of qualified teaching staff education institutions HEIs in Sudan have witnessed rapid and education infrastructure coupled with the mass waves expansion.