Running of the Bulls (A Wall Street Thriller) (Fifth Avenue series Book 2)

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Before signing Robinson, Rickey tests his mettle with a racist tirade. This episode, historically accurate in all but the date they met in , helps illustrate what Robinson had to endure without resorting to his fists. This is Brooklyn, not Mississippi; with so many realistic obstacles to equality, why add a false one? Fortunately the production, directed by Josh Lewis, offers more hits than misses. Saturdays and Sundays at a. For Children. The revival has new sets and props, but the same intricate rod and shadow puppets designed by Zofia Czechlewska.

Saturdays at a. Still, there is plenty of excitement in analyzing artifacts like a jar handle, a clay jug and a bangle and figuring out the purpose behind ancient pieces like a Greek helmet and a bull-shaped vessel.

Mom tries to slit pit bull's throat to stop it mauling baby to death

This interactive show, for ages 3 to 10, also includes a recreated room from the Ottoman period about , where young archaeologists can dress in costume. From 11 a. They have initiated a program for young audiences that will take them behind the scenes after performances, where they can tour the backstage area, meet cast members Aaron Carter is in it , learn how the show is put on and take pictures.

Performances are Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 8 p. Tour reservations are required and should be made through the box office. At the Queens Zoo, young visitors can see the Haunted Habitat, enjoy animal presentations and watch pumas and bears get their own treats in the form of food-stuffed pumpkins. The Prospect Park Zoo, in Brooklyn, will offer chats with zookeepers about bats; Halloween pumpkins for baboons; the Spooky Barn; and Wildlife Witch shows featuring animal guests. Full addresses and schedules at wcs.

In the Bronx and Queens, all children in costume are free with a paying adult. On Saturday only the celebration will feature live bat encounters, including fruit bats from Africa and Asia and the largest species in the world, a gigantic flying fox from Malaysia. Young visitors will learn that bats are really more helpful than scary. Other activities on Saturday and Sunday include dancing to Halloween-theme animatronics, making crafts and, on Saturday night, enjoying a Mexican-style party. Friday at p.

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  4. Blood, a k a David Kaye, an entertainer who mixes magic with the macabre. This is the last weekend of his hourlong show for children 7 and older, in which Dr. Blood performs mayhem on himself e. He also offers the crowd a concluding lesson in how to perform some of his tricks at home. Through Nov. Fridays at p. Field Station: Dinosaurs is a acre park filled with more than 30 animatronic prehistoric creatures, including a Tyrannosaurus rex, a stegosaurus and a foot-long Argentinosaurus.

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    Gone with the Wind trail: the top 10 sights in Atlanta | Travel | The Guardian

    Scientists will discuss their fossils, while the 3-D re-creations swoop at you from the screen. Hourly, from a. Audience members may even find themselves in bubbles of their own. The run is open-ended.

    Table of Contents

    Saturdays at 11 a. From noon to 6 p. Through Jan. Hours: daily except Monday, 10 a. The New York Aquarium is calling itself the Ascarium for this celebration, which focuses on ocean spookiness, often neglected in typical Halloween festivities. From a. Each trip includes a minute voyage to the Statue of Liberty with a chance to take a photo there , as well as entertainment, which in this event includes Halloween crafts, storytelling and face painting, and a concert by the band Astrograss. Boarding at a.

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    The show admits no one younger than 7; the last 10 minutes unfold in complete darkness. Through Dec. I have a delivery here for Mr.

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