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This reassured a sophisticated metropolitan culture, who circulated these narratives in their new-fangled newspapers and magazines, that London, Paris or Vienna had overcome the tyranny of Medieval beliefs. The cities were full of rational, enlightened citizens who no longer believed such things. Is it in our 18th Century that vampires still exist? How wrong he was. The peasant vampire of Eastern European folklore was a ponderous corpse that disturbed the peace but was relatively easy to destroy. The seductive, corrupting aristocratic vampire arrived in with a short story by William Polidori published with much sensation in the London press.

Lord Ruthven is the title character of The Vampyre, a bloated, lustful beast who preys on young women, particularly terrifying because he does so in the most exclusive salons of society. The vampire has moved from the folkloric margins of the peasantry to fuse with the melodramatic image of the aristocratic libertine. View image of Credit: Getty Images.

The added spice was that William Polidori had been briefly appointed as personal doctor to the most notorious aristocrat in England, Lord Byron. The legendary poet had been hounded out of England for his scandalous sex life.

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During that exile, Polidori had been present at the famous evening at the Villa Diodati near Lake Geneva in when Byron and his guests Percy and Mary Shelley told ghost stories to each other. Soon after this occasion, Byron summarily fired his doctor.

There is more than a dash of Byron in Lord Ruthven. Some gossip-mongers even assumed that The Vampyre, which appeared anonymously at first, was either a portrait of Byron or an actual confession by the debauched lord. If Polidori had wanted revenge on his boss, this rather backfired. The Vampyre was reprinted and dramatized widely across Europe, but often without Polidori being credited. The doctor died soon afterwards, a failed writer. The vampire as a louche devil who corrupts through sex and money as much as through his bite has never quite gone away.

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Thanks to Alfred Kinsey's sex studies, which had been published in and , sexuality was seeing a revolution, too; the glamorous, aristocratic vampire that Christopher Lee portrayed was less an abject terror than an erotic one: slightly dangerous, yet irresistible. One could say Lee's portrayal popularized the fancy vamp, the one who lured his victims with sophistication and charisma rather than lurking in the shadows and waiting for them to stumble upon his property.

Historical Context: Before Twilight came along, the teen supernatural soap opera belonged to Dark Shadows , the six-season daytime show that cornered the afterschool market for ABC. The show—which follows a young woman who becomes governess for a family prone to spooky subplots—nicely dovetailed with the film horror boom of the era. Meanwhile, America was embroiled in real horrors of its own in Vietnam and at home see: the Civil Rights movement, the Kent State shootings, etc.

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Contribution to the genre: Dark Shadows ' success proved that the teen market could flock to vampire stuff. At the time, gothic horror was like pop culture crack, totally essential to Hollywood and the young moviegoers of the era, many of whom would go on to become creators of the supernatural genre, solidifying it as the multi-billion-dollar monster it is today. Why not bring vampires into it? Contribution to the genre: I mean, it did give us a sequel with Pam Grier in it. Not a whole lot—not too much of the legend was altered to fit the Blaxploitation model, and most contemporary vampire lit is still overwhelmingly White and European.

Blacula may have partially inspired the vampire-hunting dhampir Blade see below , if only because there were so few examples of vampires of color in mainstream pop culture. Thanks to authors like Stephen King and Anne Rice, creaky horror archetypes from vampires to witchcraft to ghosts to serial killers to haunted houses got facelifts. At the same time, the nation at large was seeing similar change: advances in gender equality and civil rights as well as a growing cynicism about American economic dominance were all liberalizing the world.

Combine these factors with the fact that the era was being called "The Me Decade"—in which personal identity was paramount, just as it was to Rice's navel-gazing, undying vampires—and you get a great new breeding ground for metaphors with which to terrorize and captivate the public. They're also prettier, smarter, and more talented than any human could ever hope to be.

Oh, and they're immortal. Sound familiar? That's because pretty much every 21st-century vampire "borrowed" Rice's whole steez for their own. Vampires' dangerousness appealed both to teens looking for cool capital and parents terrified their children were doing crack and getting AIDS when they weren't around. Buffy 's empowered eponymous hunter—and occasional love pursuit of the same dudes she was trying to kill—countered slutty-vampire gore like From Dusk Till Dawn , which upheld the Madonna-Whore dichotomy.

The stories' supernaturals, while dangerous to Buffy, were hardly terrifying; instead, the movie and subsequent TV show "subverted the idea [of the little blonde girl who goes into a dark alley and gets killed in every horror movie]" to explore themes like female power and adolescence more candidly and ultimately, effectively than even the most progressive non-horror teen shows of that era.

Creator: Stephen Norrington director , David S. Historical Context: The '70s Marvel Comics vigilante is most widely known thanks to Wesley Snipes' portrayal in the live-action movies of the late '90s and early '00s. The culture that spawned the character and his success is almost identical to the one that birthed Buffy : a largely male, largely white European vampire tradition that was ready for some serious subversion.

Vampire literature

The major conflicts among vampires, primarily about pure-blooded vs. Third, instead of being woken by a random prince, Aurora's suitor is a hunter named Leo. The two of them were in love before the curse took hold of her, so he's pretty much just waiting it out. And then there are the vampires. Think about what you know about the story of Sleeping Beauty, and search and replace "fairy" with "vampire.

Mother and son are played by the same person. And they're vampires. The prelude is an interminable sequence with a creepy baby puppet Aurora gamboling all over the place, followed by a great sequence with the good vampires bestowing their gifts on Aurora and Carabosse cursing the child. Act 1 establishes Aurora as a princess unhappy with rigid formality and Leo as her love interest. And then Caradoc shows up at her birthday party, and he's pretty much every "evil seductive vampire" trope available. He gives a rose to Aurora, and she slips into her year sleep. This is obviously upsetting to Leo, and also to Count Lilac, who steps in to help.

I'd almost recommend not knowing that the good fairies are also vampire going in, because any vampire subtext becomes text right before intermission, when Count Lilac turns Leo into a vampire. My audience burst into laughter when the teeth came out. And when you come back from intermission, it's present day, and Leo the vampire's been camped outside of Aurora's castle this entire time.

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Leo battles through the thicket to get to the castle. Meanwhile, Caradoc's been "guarding" Aurora's sleeping form, and he's become enamored with her.

Blade's Comic Book Origins

So he lets Leo wake her, and then he leaves with the wakened Aurora to make her his bride. So Count Lilac and Leo infiltrate Caradoc's vampire rave to get her back. They do, and Vampire Leo, Vampire Aurora, and their new vampire baby live happily ever after. These days, dance performances like this don't drive pop culture. Meanwhile, America was embroiled in real horrors of its own in Vietnam and at home see: the Civil Rights movement, the Kent State shootings, etc.