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The Astros have not lost a game started by Cole since July In that span, he had a 2. Postseason baseball operates by different norms than the regular season.

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And with no game on Monday and 10 relievers at his disposal, Boone asked his bullpen to get 20 outs to get through nine innings. After the Astros tied the score against one stout Yankees reliever and outlasted the others, they pounced on Happ, a starter with a 4.

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Happ escaped a jam he inherited in the 10th inning, but the first pitch he threw to Correa in the 11th — a high fastball not far enough inside — was blasted over the right-field fence. Left fielder Giancarlo Stanton, who missed most of the regular season with a litany of injuries but returned a month ago, was out of the lineup with a right quadriceps strain. Stanton sustained the injury beating out an infield hit in the second inning of Game 1. Whether Stanton would need to be replaced on the A. Cameron Maybin, one of the many fill-ins who kept the Yankees afloat this season amid the wave of injuries, started instead in left field on Sunday.

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Even without Stanton, the Yankees had plenty of firepower for their battle against Verlander, one of the best pitchers in baseball. Verlander survived his fading command long enough to get two outs in the seventh inning and departed after pitches. Paxton, on the other hand, notched just seven outs total with his uneven command. In the third inning, Paxton again fell behind in counts and coughed up singles to Astros left fielder Michael Brantley and Altuve. Trailing by and wary of falling further behind against Verlander, Boone pulled Paxton.

Right fielder Aaron Judge erased that deficit with a go-ahead two-run homer in the fourth. Despite pitching well this season, Ottavino has been shaky lately. Five of the 10 batters he had faced this postseason entering Sunday had reached base. That continued in Game 2. But the first pitch he threw was a poor slider over the heart of the plate that Astros outfielder George Springer blasted to left field for a homer that tied the score at The rest of the game was a tense affair.

Players hit balls hard into the air that died at the warning track. A potentially fruitful scoring chance for the Yankees in the sixth inning fizzled when Altuve booted a ground ball but Correa, the shortstop, smartly raced over to recover it. The Yankees third-base coach, Phil Nevin, waved D. Like Boone, Astros Manager A. In the top of the 11th inning, Sanchez struck out looking on a pitch outside the strike zone with two men on base — after his at-bat was prolonged by an errant foul call. Sabathia, Jonathan Loaisiga and Happ, all of whom struggled during the season. Sabathia got one out, but Loaisiga walked both batters he faced in the 10th inning.

The Astros outlasted the Yankees — and won. We were going to win tonight. Benjamin Hoffman tracked the game for The Times. Read on to follow it as it happened. Hinch to pull Joe Smith for Ryan Pressly. That brought up Gary Sanchez with two on and two out, and the slugging catcher struck out looking in a fairly epic pitch at-bat. Sanchez argued loudly with the call on a ball that appeared to be low and outside. Carlos Correa then won the game on the first pitch of the 11th inning with a home run. He was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition, the team said.

Aaron Hicks made his postseason debut by pinch-hitting for Cameron Maybin. He proceeded to ground out to first against the reliever Joe Smith. Didi Gregorius popped out in foul territory, with Alex Bregman making the catch after a bit of a run, and D. LeMahieu hit a chopper back to Smith to end the half-inning. Sabathia to start the 10th. The veteran starter is helping serve as a left-handed specialist in this series after having been left off the division series roster.

He retired Michael Brantley on a grounder to second. Happ, and the starting pitcher struck out the rookie.

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Happ then fell behind, , to Yuli Gurriel, but retired him on a fly ball to left to end the threat. He went one and one-third innings and gave up a run on two hits in the middle of that game, which the Tigers won, , at Yankee Stadium. Max Scherzer also pitched in relief in that game for Detroit. Roberto Osuna did his part in the top half of the inning. He got Brett Gardner to ground out to first, struck out Gary Sanchez and then got Gio Urshela to fly out to shallow center. Aroldis Chapman was then summoned for the Yankees for the bottom half of the inning. That brought up George Springer, who struck out on a mile-an-hour fastball to end the inning.

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David Waldstein: In 32 regular season games against the Yankees, most of them while he pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays, Roberto Osuna has only allowed 3 earned runs in 34 innings, for a 0. Will Harris struck out D. Description: Did you know that a simple hormonal imbalance endangers the lives of all our pets?

This imbalance triggers an immune system breakdown leaving our pets helplessly exposed to deadly disorders and catastrophic diseases. Veterinarian, Dr. Al Plechner discovered this imbalance and created a simple, lifesaving, treatment that has been proven successful time and time again. This book tells his story.

Written from the heart, it illustrates his passion for healing, highlights fascinating episodes from his life and, for the first time, allows his people to tell their own dramatic, true accounts of life, death, courage and commitment. As an added bonus, it also contains the Healthfully Yours Handbook, a comprehensive collection of thoughtful, therapeutic information and pet health tips concerning food allergies, environmental dangers, catastrophic diseases, safe breeding practices, diet, and nutrition; it is an entertaining and engaging, proactive guide for Whole Animal Health.

As the results of improper breeding become more and more evident in the growing incidence of disease, the work of dedicated people like Al Plechner becomes all that more important…not content to merely treat the symptoms of diseases.

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  7. He looks for their causes. Description: Large numbers of pets die or become sick before their time despite the best efforts of veterinarians. I believe that much of this has to do with hormonal imbalances that deregulate the immune system of animals, undermining their natural protection against illness and thus robbing them of good health and normal longevity. Many "end of the line animals" have been referred to me during my clinical practice. Their owners had been told that euthanasia was the only humane option left for their beloved pets.

    In some very advanced cases, those with permanent, irreversible damage having been caused, this has been true; but in a vast majority of situations there is hope for restoring these animals to good health because now there is a solution. Many years ago as a young practitioner, I tried to figure out why so many patients were getting sick and not responding to standard treatments. My clinical work led me to a major hormone base immune system disturbance that begins in the adrenal glands and goes on to create a ripple effect throughout the body's physiology.

    The conditions I was successfully treating were ranging from common allergies to reproductive failure to catastrophic autoimmune diseases and cancer. The ship was taking in water. All they had was a lifeboat and a small dinghy, and just six days worth of food.

    They survived on rainwater and hunted turtles, adrift at sea, hoping to ride Pacific currents to the middle of the ocean, which would then push them toward the Americas. After 16 days, the raft was no longer usable, so the family their one inexperienced crew member fled to a dinghy. It was a 10 foot boat far over capacity, but they managed to cling on until they were discovered by Japanese fishermen on July 23, On May 28, , divers in the wreckage of the Jacson-4 were attempting a triage of the vessel, which feet down off the coast of Nigeria after capsizing.

    What they didn't expect to find was a survivor. Harrison Okene was the ship's cook. He was in the latrine when the boat capsized, and tried to reach an emergency exit hatch but failed.

    The boat began to fill with water with Okene trapped inside. Eventually, he found himself trapped with a four square foot bubble of air. After three days, he had given up hope. Then he heard a knock. It was the hammer of the divers working on the surface of the ship.

    Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)

    Eventually, diving gear was brought to him and he was brought to a decompression chamber, where he had to spend two days. He had been at depths that should have killed him in a situation that took the lives of everyone else on board. Ernest Shackleton had braved the south pole once, and we was ready to face it head on again in , setting out with a group of 28 men.

    They hoped to make it all the way across the continent, arriving to a waiting ship at the other side.